Franchise Licensing

Cool Hotels is featuring classic, lifestyle design and state of the art business services to meet the needs of business travelers in cities around the world.

  • Expected to open by the end of 2015 - 20 hotels
  • Cool Hotels are four-star and four-star plus properties by means of modern facilities, customized service and international standards of fine accommodation.
  • New built hotels offer its branded concept, whilst reflecting the local traditional taste...
  • The hotels enjoy a perfect situation in key business or leisure destination, aiming to exceed guest expectations.
  • Cool Hotels welcomes you in brand motto of "your home in destination"

Being part of a hotel brand empowers your business, not strip you of your freedom, your autonomy, or your hard-earned money.

We are making the industry remodels the hotel branding...

In an effort to continue that demand and bring more hotels into our System, especially in today's world economical climate, we are introducing a new "Franchise Licensing" model with a reasonable fee structure for the hotel owners who runs hotels independently while the current lodging industry trend in which major hotel chains are increasing the percentage of fees they take from branding.

From the moment you become our "Franchise Licensed" owner, and during the course of your relationship with us, we work with you to ensure your business success.

Our motto is: "If no success achieved, no fee deserved!!!"

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